Superbugs: The Coming Deadly Global Pandemic

What You Need to Know (and Do NOW!) to Avoid Becoming a Casualty

The alarm we’re sounding in this Special Report is the result of months and months of research and thoughtful reflection. What you read (click here) will radically change the way you look at many of your life routines and practices. Although there has been much concern expressed over the possibility of pandemic influenza in recent months and years, we’re here to tell you that the subject of this Special Report is far more important than any flu virus, per se. In fact, if the flu ever does turn deadly it will mainly be the kind of pathogens we examine here as the subject of this Report that will be the actual cause of widespread death, not the influenza virus itself. But influenza pandemic or no, we are still facing a very dangerous and potentially very deadly threat which has been expanding rapidly over the globe and is already out of control in some places.

After watching this gathering global storm over the past 10-15 years, it is our considered opinion that we have now crossed the threshold into a time which future medical historians will describe as the “Post-antibiotic Era”. We have entered a period in which the arsenal of antibiotics modern medicine has been relying upon for generations has finally become impotent, incapable of providing the kind of broad-spectrum protection we need now and are going to desperately need in the days ahead.  Therefore, if we hope to have a fighting chance as we see these pathogens spreading through our hospitals and making their way out into the general population, the bottom line is that it is imperative we look elsewhere to find the kind of protection we’re going to need.

Keep reading and we’ll explain why we’re so worried about this and why you should be worried, too. Most importantly, we’ll also tell you some specific things we think you can and should do to help insure that you and your loved ones don’t end up becoming casualties…

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Influenza and Bacterial Co-infections: a Deadly Duo

Bacterial Coinfections in Lung Tissue Specimens from Fatal Cases of 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1)

This is the title of a brief report on the CDC’s MMWR website (CDC = “Centers for Disease Control” and MMWR = “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report”).  It’s no longer breaking news but it is still an important piece of relevant information you don’t want to miss.  This was the first official article we noticed after having published our Special Report, “Superbugs: the Coming Deadly Global Pandemic“, which addressed the matter over which we expressed great concern, viz., various strains of opportunistic, multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria could end up being responsible for many, if not most deaths associated with any future influenza pandemic.  Be sure to take a look at the post, “But What About the Flu?” on our blog, MDR Superbugs and you’ll see why all the concern on our part.


Oh Say Do You C?

If you don’t, you should! This little-known, life-enhancing, life-lengthening, life-saving information—much of which has been kept virtually out of sight for more than 50 years!—will convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt…

“Why hasn’t somebody told me about this before? Why doesn’t the whole world know about this?” After you’ve read about halfway through this important Special Report (click here), we’re convinced you’ll be asking yourself these questions and others like them. Plus, you’ll probably be angry about the fact that this critical, life-saving information has been there—right under our collective nose—for more than fifty years! Since about 1941, early researchers determined they may have discovered a way to prevent—and even reverse—cardiovascular disease (our number one killer) simply by using sufficient quantities of a well-known, all-natural, completely harmless, nutritional substance. Not long after that, others concluded that many viral diseases could be almost completely wiped out by using this substance in appropriate doses. And, other researchers have deduced that a whole host of chronic problems, such as arthritis and other joint-related diseases, could be virtually eradicated, simply by employing this familiar substance on a daily basis.


Vital O

Over 40? Then you’re probably NOT getting enough of this desperately needed life-giving substance! Here’s what to do about it…

The following two letters really touched us. In fact, one of them nearly moved us to tears. In addition to being truly remarkable testimonials, they make for a poignant and powerful way to introduce the important thesis of this Special Report,viz., It is our con­sidered opinion that oxygen deficiency plays a significant, fundamental role in a wide range of chronic diseases and conditions of ill-health.

We will give you enough “off the beaten path” informa­tion here that you will understand why we say this. Plus, we’ll tell you about a cutting-edge product we use personally which we think has the potential to provide dramatic, posi­tive changes in the lives of many whose health has suffered as a result of oxygen deficiency. First, though, read these heartfelt accounts…

“My husband has suffered with asthma so severe that it was classified as “life-threatening”—the most dreaded category in which to land. He was totally steroid dependent in order to control it. We lived in an area of North Carolina that was full of industrial pollution, and the problem was further ag­gravated by massive amounts of pollens of all kinds drifting in from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

“One night, ten years ago, without any prior deteriora­tion, he suddenly woke up in a severe asthma attack. From that time on it was inhalers every single day, constant doses of P******* [Brand of drug commonly used by asthmatics –Ed.],steroids, racing trips to the emergency room, and the constant warnings from doctors that he could be dead from an asthma attack within 2 hours. He not only took his inhaler everywhere he went and used it constantly, but he also slept with his inhaler in the middle of our bed—it was his lifeline. In desperation, after every medical avenue had been pursued closer to home, we finally…


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Deadly ‘MDR Superbugs’ Invade U.S. Health Care Facilities

USA TODAY recently ran an article, “Deadly ‘superbugs’ invade U.S. health care facilities“.  The article is not only timely but was well-researched and did a good job of putting multi-drug resistant micro-organisms (“MDR Superbugs”) back into the spotlight; at least, for the moment.  Of course, readers of the Bio/Tech News have known about this potential threat for years now.  But to the extent USA TODAY has contributed to the effort to raise the general awareness about this real and growing threat, we applaud them.