Alkalize…or DIE!

[NOTE: In this post I’ve taken information from previous, personal communications I’ve written and have edited it and included some additional comments to help tie all the subject matter together.  I’ve decided to leave it in the form of a personal letter since I could have written to any of my subscribers in this way.  The way I see it, if you’re one of our subscribers, I consider you to be one of my friends.  I trust you will find the following to be helpful…]


Dear Friend,

In an earlier letter, I told you how concerned I am about the need to alkalize the internal “terrain” (milieu) of the body in order to avoid all kinds of adverse–and very serious–chronic health problems.  Since this subject is so crucial to long-term health I’ve decided to put a few thoughts down for you so that you can begin taking some initial steps which can help you and your loved ones improve your prospects of avoiding the chronic, “adult diseases”.  Most if not all of these are either directly caused by metabolic acidosis or are dramatically aggravated by this commonly-occurring condition, which is so characteristic of our western culture today.