The Bio/Tech News is unique. Our subscribers pay for and expect us to provide them with the most specific information and recommendations possible; and, this we strive to do. That said, the challenge for us here at Bio/Tech Publishing, Ltd. is that we know our Bio/Tech News subscribers don’t want to have to wait around on the “men in white coats” to verify what seems to be clear as crystal to a person with a bit of down-home, plain-folk, common sense. Our subscribers not only have plenty of common sense, but they are also savvy enough and sophisticated enough to recognize that much in this life is yet unanswered. Nevertheless, they want what we’re able to come up with and report on despite the sometimes-obvious gaps in understanding; and, they want this information right now. They want to read about subjects which might someday turn out to be “tomorrow’s news”… perhaps months or even years down the road, and which most people may never even hear about, even then. So our subscribers pay us for our considered opinion, speculation, guesses, intuition, etc., based upon the homework we do as we research various breakthroughs and developments in BioScience and Technology. We’ve been doing this for nearly twenty years and our readers have been more than satisfied to get what we can give them now, knowing that there is often a long lag-time before the explanations for various phenomena ever come around.
Since much of our reporting covers material which is “cutting edge”, you need to know that if you are looking for all kinds of scientific documentation—the kind of thing you’d find in a stodgy, peer-reviewed scientific journal—then you’re going to be disappointed. Oftentimes, there’s just not a whole lot of this kind of “science” available. Sometimes, all we may have to go on is a little bit of theory, a bit of “common sense”… and a number of reported experiences. Often, we find ourselves having to “fly by the seat of our pants”, sometimes speculating about why or how a product or concept may work, but not knowing for sure. But, if we waited around for all the “science” to be done, then most of us would end up dying of old age before the obvious could be confirmed!

Publication of the Bio/Tech News is for information purposes only. I understand and accept the fact that the information available to me via this website may contain not only opinion, but also a certain amount of speculation, conjecture and guesswork. In addition, and as part of the information you provide, I want you to give advice and specific recommendations for various products and/or services and the names of specific vendors and/or service-providers who, in your opinion, can help me improve my Life, my Health and my Financial Bottom Line. I also realize, understand and accept the fact that you reserve the right to take your own advice and that you may have a financial interest, either directly or indirectly, in some or any of the products, services and/or companies you may recommend.
I understand and accept the fact that much of the material contained on this website is based upon extensive scientific, technical and/or medical research and that it is being provided for informational purposes only. Although information published on this website is received from sources deemed reliable, I understand and accept that no guarantees, express or implied, can be made regarding the accuracy of same. Furthermore, I understand and accept that it is incumbent upon me to verify for myself and/or to my own satisfaction the credibility of all reports, recommendations, conclusions, comments, speculations, opinions or anything else published on this website before making any kind of decisions based upon what I have read herein.
I understand and accept that nothing on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I understand and accept that nothing on this website is intended to be, nor should it be construed to be, any kind of recommendation of any product, service, and/or technique in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. I understand and accept that nothing on this website should be construed to be any kind of attempt to practice medicine.
Regarding use of the word, “cure”, I understand and accept that the Bio/Tech News and the parent company, Bio/Tech Publishing, Ltd. are not comfortable with this term and are therefore reluctant to use it in descriptions of nutritional substances, therapeutic equipment, devices, techniques, and/or services, no matter how startling and amazing any results might seem to be; and, that if any of these seem to be helpful to someone, it is the perspective of the Bio/Tech News and the parent company, Bio/Tech Publishing, Ltd. to suggest that, rather than using the term “cure”, the nutritional substances, therapeutic equipment, devices, techniques, and/or services may instead be providing a person with whatever specific “raw material” the body needs in order for it to effect its own God-given, innate, healing process.
For thousands of years, “anecdotal evidence” was the only basis of acceptance of many different kinds of medicines and therapies, natural and otherwise. Only relatively recently, historically speaking, has the Scientific Method come on the scene. In fact, modern trial techniques were not necessary to recognize the therapeutic potential of chloral hydrate, the barbiturates, ether, nitrous oxide, chloroform, curare, aspirin, quinine, insulin, epinephrine, local anesthetics, belladonna, antacids, sulfonamides, and penicillin, to give a partial list. Regarding “anecdotal evidence”, I understand and accept that it is not the purpose of the Bio/Tech News and the parent company, Bio/Tech Publishing, Ltd. to quibble with those who live in the world of controlled clinical trials, double-blind studies, and the like. Rather, it is your opinion that “anecdotal evidence” has its proper place and can be valuable as a preliminary indicator, sometimes demonstrating a level of probability that may warrant closer scientific scrutiny; and, that since anecdotal evidence has been one of the richest sources of information available throughout history, it is your opinion that modern science would do well not to dismiss it out of hand.
Finally, I understand and accept that it is the policy of the Bio/Tech News and the parent company, Bio/Tech Publishing, Ltd. to always, always, always! urge readers to consult with a fully-informed, competent health-care practitioner when it comes to matters which may affect one’s personal health.