If you don’t, you should! This little-known, life-enhancing, life-lengthening, life-saving information—much of which has been kept virtually out of sight for more than 50 years!—will convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt…

“Why hasn’t somebody told me about this before? Why doesn’t the whole world know about this?” After you’ve read about halfway through this important Special Report (click here), we’re convinced you’ll be asking yourself these questions and others like them. Plus, you’ll probably be angry about the fact that this critical, life-saving information has been there—right under our collective nose—for more than fifty years! Since about 1941, early researchers determined they may have discovered a way to prevent—and even reverse—cardiovascular disease (our number one killer) simply by using sufficient quantities of a well-known, all-natural, completely harmless, nutritional substance. Not long after that, others concluded that many viral diseases could be almost completely wiped out by using this substance in appropriate doses. And, other researchers have deduced that a whole host of chronic problems, such as arthritis and other joint-related diseases, could be virtually eradicated, simply by employing this familiar substance on a daily basis.

The BioTech News is one of the “grand daddies” of the health newsletter industry. We’re now into our third decade of research and publishing on important health-related matters. We’re confident that we have a reservoir, a storehouse of knowledge we bring to the table which cannot be supplied by any other newsletter. Our subscribers get to read information that will never be seen in the mass media. And yet, that said, we’re quick to admit we don’t know everything. This recently came home to us with sledgehammer force as we happened to stumble upon some little-known information having to do with a rather common nutritional substance which most of us—our savvy readers included—think we already know quite a bit about. But we want to assure you in the strongest of terms: In the following pages you will be reading some extremely important, life-saving information that very few people will probably ever know. You will discover reasons that will convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt why you will never want to go without having a substantial quantity of this misunderstood, little understood, life-enhancing, life-saving substance as part of your daily regimen.

Although we were familiar with it from one standpoint (i.e., its antioxidant properties…but there are other, stronger antioxidants out there), little did we know that we had missed the one really crucial, all-important fact that it is far more than an antioxidant. It is one of the most versatile, widely-employed molecules to be found hard at work almost everywhere in the human body. It does far more than merely scavenge free-radicals (again, there are other, more powerful free-radical scavengers which have been discovered). The bottom line is that most of us desperately need large quantities of this substance in order to insure that our bodies won’t literally fall apart on us as we grow older!

So why the widespread ignorance? After doing an extensive amount of research into the matter, we are convinced this sad state of affairs has come about in large measure because this essential substance was given the wrong name! By the time you’ve finished reading through this important issue of the BioTech News, you’ll understand why we say this. More than that, though, you will also know more about this amazing substance than most doctors and other health practitioners. And, most important of all, you will understand why you must determine to incorporate relatively high doses of this powerful “multi-tasking molecule” into your daily diet in order to insure that your body has all it needs to help maintain itself at the highest, optimum levels of health and vitality. In the words of one researcher, if we would only take sufficient quantities of this remarkable substance—“We’d have fewer virus colds and other ailments ranging from hardening of the arteries and asthma to ulcers and varicose veins. Greater resistance to infections. Fewer aches, pains, and discomforts. Healthier skin, tissue, and bones. Faster healing of wounds, burns, and fractures. Better complexion, fewer wrinkles. Better disposition, more interests, and greater peace of mind. Improved general health and longer life, with improved intelligence and delayed senility. Less time lost in hospitals and in the waiting rooms and offices of doctors, dentists, chiropractors or psychoanalysts. Less time off work, less lost pay. Fewer drug and medical expenses. More money to spend and more time to spend it.”

Does this describe the way you’d like to go through life? Then we urge you to read on to find out more about this remarkable, all-natural, nutritional substance, which has been given such an unfortunate name. You will now discover a number of reasons why you will never ever want to go another day without it…

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